Monday, March 2, 2009

Message of support from Pravin, theatre artiste a friend of art, free speech, democracy and of course of ours

S. last month telling me about an exercise he did with his Asian College of Journalism students in analysing media photos... a large no. of photos selected by the students were those of violent protests...
S. then pointed out to them how most of them were titled "mob violence" or "mob fury" etc... and how 99% of them were taken from behind police lines with the "antagonists" seen throwing stones etc...! Talk about embedded journalism, he said...I questioned myself on how many times I had unwittingly swallowed and accepted the perverse representation of the facts...the truth is that society as whole needs to be sensitised to the mind games indulged in by the media...
many questions arise: why would the Hindu, , not allow an advertisement to be taken out? Why would they choose to represent a one sided version? Who are the vested interests behind the events and the media "gag"? How are the Law College incidents and the High Court incidents related and what do they signify in an election year? What challenging alternatives can we come up with to the existing media, knowing how, unchallenged, the media empire dictates govt. policy in the US, UK and Australia? (Please let me know if I can help in anyway, and how we can take the action forward. (Hope all of you are physically okay, though the damage runs much deeper. A breakdown of the systems handed down to us by the Brits will always be on the cards though.

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