Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"ஹூளிகன்ஸ்" போலீசார் வசம் சிக்கினார்கள் - நன்றி டெக்கான் க்ரொநிக்கெல்

IPS officer’s team beats up a passengerMarch 9th, 2009
By Our Correspondent March 8: An IPS officer from the 2006 batch landed himself in soup after he and his subordinates thrashed an engineer at the Nagercoil railway station on Friday morning.

His seniors have taken up the matter and have asked him for an explanation about the incident, according to sources.

The police team was ‘teaching’ a lesson to the engineer who had the “courage” to argue with the wife of the young IPS official over berth allotment in the train they had travelled on the previous night.

The engineer, working in the Koodankulam power project, had boarded the Kanyakumari Express with his wife, kids and parents, on Thursday evening at Egmore.

The wife of the IPS officer, who was in the same compartment, was not ready to wait till night to use her lower berth.

“She wanted to sleep by 6 pm on Thursday which was objected to by the engineer who told her that she could use the berth for sleeping only after 9 pm and till then the berth would be used by other passengers for sitting,” official sources added.

When the train reached Nagercoil the next morning, a gang of 15 policemen in uniform under the leadership of the IPS official was waiting for him.

They thrashed the engineer in the station and then dragged him away to a police station while the wife of the IPS officer went home in a police vehicle.


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  2. Thanks Mohan, we would never have known about that incident. No comments on why this is not mainstream news for most of our "national" newspapers.

    Btw, I came across an article titled "Utter lawlessness and chaos in Madras High Court" purportedly by Mr. V. Sundaram, IAS (Retd) published by one "swamijyoti" at:

    The article includes the Division Bench order dated 17-2-2009 in WA Nos. 181 to 183 of 2009.

  3. No action has been still taken against the perpetuators of the brutal police attack on judiciary on 19.02.2009 . But a notification issued by the High court proclaims that the state govt., has deposited a sum of Rs.25 lakh towards compensation to be paid to the injured Advocates/litigants and damges caused to the property.
    C.S.K.Sathish, Advocate

    The High court ought to have refused to accept the above sum . A mere deposit of Rs.25 will undo the contempt committed against to our chartered High Court ? or the state has fixed Rs.25 lakh as a fee to attack judiciary ?

    While It is widely accpeted by all that the other branches of government has already lost credibility being so corroded with undue politicization, self-interestand corruption, judiciary has become the last bastion of hopes of our people. But even this last bastion of our fragile democracy is now being threatened by the executive through its police power. Let we lawyer's join togather and protect this last institution (judiciary ) that infuses confidences in the minds of millions of our poor masses .