Monday, March 16, 2009

Legal Aid Camps inaugurated

Lending a lie to the claim that it is the lawyers who have prevented justice from reaching the litigant public, lawyers commenced legal aid camps pursuant to a decision taken at the Joint Action Committee of all bar associations in the state. Today, several senior advocates like Mr. T.V. Ramanujun, Mr. N.G.R. Prasad and other advocates tendered advice to a number of litigants who came to the High Court campus and received the benefit of the advice.

Notices were drafted, memos settled, and in some cases litigants referred to the legal aid clinics in other districts so that their issues are better addressed.

It is clear that it is not lawyers who prevented courts from functioning. It is police brutality that caused closure of a High Court for 5 days and the subordinate courts in Chennai for more than 10 days, unprecedented in the annals of Indian legal history. The lawyers strike is not intended to be a confrontation with the judiciary, it is to highlight the fact that there is a constitutional crisis in Tamil Nadu.

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