Monday, February 23, 2009

A response I found at a Samanvaya website in response to the blogger's post condemning the violence "by lawyers"
Dear Ram:

Your good intended piece seems to be raising many misplaced concerns
about the supremacy of instituions like the courts in this country.
Hope you are watching Loksabha TV also to know about the other

1. I just do not understand why there should be a five member
committee of judges to go on a simple petty case of ill treatment (of
a lawyer by another one). Had it been done to someone else other than
Dr.Subramaniyan Swamy - do you think the same High court and the
police would have gone this far in the first place. ?

So the answer could be - Dr.Swamy or his likes are greater gods who
can not be touched. How many people in this country have such
previlege. Why there is a need for around 800 police rapid action
force in the campus of the High court. Don't you think there will be
more than what we see with our eyes.

After all egging or throwing tomatoes are accepted as a way of protest
in the so called 'western democracies' from where we borrowed this
establishment. An act of egging does not event count an offense with a
criminal intent in many democracies - from where we copied this High

2. Just for the sake of a legal argument - the legal sections that is
filed against Dr. Swamy is more grave than a simple egging incident
that warrants almost no arrests by police. But the police arrest the
accused lawyers with such a brutal force. Why is it so, is it such
an urgent matter to be resolved in this country, or the police have
solved every other case pending. Therefore what is wrong with the
agitating advocates asking the police to investigate Dr.Swamy first,
because he is booked in a grave offense than them.

Do not misunderstand me for writing this - my own brother and many
relatives are practicing as lawyers in courts including Madras 'High'
court. They all think that if egging is done for them nothing would
have happend.

All this Chennai HC violence is to safeguard someones superiority
rather than the Instituional sanctity in this country.

May be you can also read the links to get an alternative view:

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  1. Its high time that the Associations sponsors shield in future to Advocates.

  2. A supporting voice I found in msn.