Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More detailed breaking news

It appears that the State Government had no categorical answer to the pointed question posed by the Supreme Court on the name/s of the individual/s who authorised the entry into the court campus of the posse of police and the use of force but only offered as explanation that a Division Bench of the Madras High Court headed by Mr.Justice A.P. Shah, Chief Justice (presently Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court) had passed orders in an earlier matter directing the police to provide adequate police security to the High Court. Mr. Justice B.N. Srikrishna has been requested to submit an interim report on a) who gave the order permitting entry of the police into the court precincts and subsequent use of force b) the further action that was required to be taken. The terms of Reference for his work is to be decided by the Acting Chief Justice, the Advocate General and the office bearers of the lawyers' associations. The following police officers have been transferred out of Chennai

4) Thiru.Ramasubramani, Joint Commissioner of Police

5) Thiru.Sandeep Rai Rathore, Joint Commissioner of Police

6) Thiru.Sarangan, Deputy Commissioner of Police

7) Thiru.Prem Anand Sinha, Deputy Commissioner of Police

8) Thiru.Panneer Selvam, Deputy Commissioner of Police

the matter now stands adjourned to the 3rd of March 2009.

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  1. The Supreme Court could have drawn adverse inference if the State had no answer to the specifc querry. It is not as if the question was sprung as a surprise to the State Government, this question has already been posed by the Full Bench of the MHC. Didn't the State anticipate such a question from the SC?
    Transfer of Police officials outside Madras is only transfering evil to another place, which other place in their opinion deserves such officers? Do these transfers mean that the SC has come to a prima facie conclusion that the officers mentioned in the order are guilty, are these transfers by way of punishment?...The sudden change in SC's stand on this issue is very disappointing